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Please provide valid contact number for us to contact you during the enrollment proccess.
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Provide a valid facebook profile link, this will be used as alternative contact incase contact number is unavailable and it will be also used in enrollment process and subject classes group chat.
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Mode of Delivery
Terms and Conditions :
1. Discussions and interaction in the mode of learning deliveries such as: a.) Blended Learning/Hybrid; and b.) Distance Learning, shall and will only involve the teachers (or any assigned school personnel in the absence of the teacher) and students. However, Home-Based Learning needs the involvement of parents or guardian as printed copy or hardcopy is given where parents is required to adhere in delivering a method of instruction that matches the child's unique interests, ability, and learning style.
2. Any submission of outputs online of the students will be considered as final. Comprehensive review is needed before any output will be submitted.
3. Students will have contact with the teacher throughout the duration of the discussion and interaction via virtual office hours as advised by the teacher, through online communication (e.g. Facebook group or Messenger group chat).
Referred / Endorsed By
Scholarship Policy: Golden Success College Inc. has the sole discretion to extend, retain, approve and reject the scholarship assistance of the student based on his/her attitude and school performance. In the event of breach of scholarship contract or if the student decides to transfer, withdraw or stop, no documents or records shall be released unless he/she pays the entire amount incurred during his/her training and schooling. Further, the scholarship grant or support that Golden Success College Inc. may avail from any private or public organization will be credited in the school’s account.
Refund Policy: The refund shall only be given within five days from the start of payment of the tuition fee but there will be NO REFUND FOR THE RESERVATION, DEPOSIT AND MISCELLANEOUS FEE. The following conditions shall be applied;
Withdrawal Policy: Student can withdraw from their enrollment within a week upon filing or submission of their document/s without charge or withdrawal fee except for entrance/assessment exam; otherwise they will be charged with a minimum amount of one thousand five hundred pesos only (Php 1, 500.00). For processing fee (Php 1,000.00) and for Entrance/Assessment Exam Fee (Php 500.00) after the expiration of one week withdrawal period.
Disclaimer: By signing you had completely read and understand the above policy and you are waiving whatever right you may have in connection herewith against Golden Success College Inc. its administrators and personnel.
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